One of the goals of The Ilona Foundation is to direct visitors to resources that deal with navigating the journey of grief and sudden loss. Below you will find examples of books and articles that were useful for the Bailey family in the wake of Ilona’s passing. They have included links to each resource as well as their thoughts on the value that each piece of literature had to offer them personally.

The hope for this page is that it will be a growing and evolving collection as the Bailey’s continue on their own journey, and they pray it can be a source of help for others as well. If you are looking for additional resources beyond what you see here, or would like to speak to someone, please feel free to reach out on our contact page and a member of the foundation will respond shortly.

Treasures in Darkness: A Grieving Mother Shares Her Heart

Sharon Betters
Following the death of her teenage son in a car accident, Sharon uses her real-time journals to tell her story of loss and grief.
She points the reader to scripture to seek God in their pain.

Everything Happens for a Reason

Kate Bowler
With a little humor and a lot of honesty, Kate walks us through a history of many tribulations and the impact suffering has on our faith and our assumptions.

From Grief to Glory

James Bruce III
In this book, Bruce tells of the death of his child while recounting the stories of faithful ministers and leaders like Jonathan Edwards, John Calvin, and others who buried a child or children.

Seasons of Sorrow

Tim Challies
This book is written by a Christian author and blogger after the sudden death of his 20 year old son. He blogs about his pain in an honest and open way.

The Year of Magical Thinking

Joan Didion
After she witnesses the sudden and unexpected death of her husband, Joan takes the reader through a year of loss and learning how to live in a new space of grief with raw honesty.

Walking WIth God Through Pain & Suffering

Tim Keller
Author and Pastor Tim Keller explores what God through scripture has to say about suffering and to sufferers.

Every Moment Holy, Volume 2: Death, Grief, & Hope

Douglas McKelvey
In Leonard and Amy’s opinion, this book should be in every home. This book gives insightful prayers to work through after the immediate death of a loved one including the morning of the funeral, along with insightful prayers and litergies to meditate on as one grieves or walks alongside one who is grieving.

Walking Through Fire: A Memoir of Loss & Redemption

Vaneetha Rendell Risner
This book depicts the life-long sufferings of Leonard and Amy’s friend from their days in North Carolina. From childhood polio, to the death of a child, to her marriage ending in divorce, to suffering with post-polio, Vaneetha gives an honest account of questioning God and His goodness.

When the Stars Disappear

 Mark Talbot
Recounting some of the biblical characters, this is a good resource on personal suffering and trials that we face.

Lament for a Son

Nicholas Wolterstorff
This book is a must-read. Following the death of his son in a mountain climbing accident, Nicholas puts words to the conflicting thoughts and feelings he has towards God. He has an uncanny ability to articulate his grief and pain that will touch your heart.